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An innovative start-up and benefit company

Who we are

HARG is a benefit company researching, developing and marketing dehydrated texture-modified food and drinks particularly suitable for the dietary treatment of malnutrition in patients suffering from dysphagia of varying severity. Unlike some of our competitors, HARG uses natural ingredients to ensure that patients have complete and nutrient-enriched meals that are more nutritious than a normal meal, in full compliance with international guidelines. The scientific effectiveness of our products is guaranteed thanks to the R&D activities that we undertake in collaboration with the University of Genoa.


To create food products using natural, nutrient-enriched ingredients that guarantee nutritional values within international guidelines.


To improve the health of millions of people who currently suffer from swallowing difficulties, thereby addressing the problem of malnutrition.


Our team of highly qualified experts are responsible for researching, developing and marketing unique products that are designed to improve the health of patients. There is nothing more important than pursuing a goal with passion.

Benefit Companies

Benefit companies make a positive impact on people, communities, local areas and the environment in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner



  • We are a benefit company and our main objective is to improve the health of people, not to make a profit.
  • Our high-quality nutraceutical solutions provide highly nutritious dishes using natural ingredients in compliance with international guidelines.
  • Reliable and measurable results thanks to the introduction of our WeanCare nutrition protocol.
  • Our R&D department works closely with various universities.
  • We provide integrated, synergetic services in order to develop our daily meal plan.
  • Respect for the environment is at the heart of each of our products and services.

Our Team

Cristiano Benazzi

Managing Director

Antonio Romano

R&D Director

Matteo Oppi

Sales Director

Davide Soana

Chief Operating Officer

Beatrice Oppi

Area Legal & Relationships

Matteo Taesi

Chief Financial Officer

Andrea Ferrari

Chief Marketing Officer

Daniele Aroldi

Sales Director B2B

HARG for stakeholders

Incorporated in 2017 and converted into a Benefit Company in 2020. We care as much about people as we do about our shared values, missions and goals.

Here you can find a collection of publicly available documents.

View the HARG Social Responsibility Statement 2022


Download the Legal Statement 2021 HARG S.r.l.


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