About Us

Innovative Start-up and Benefit Corporation

About Us

HARG is a Benefit Corporation which researches, develops and distributes, in Italy and Europe, dehydrated food preparations with modified textures particularly suitable for people with dysphagia of varying severity.

Compared to the competition, HARG is able, using only natural ingredients , to guarantee nutritional values that are the same or even enriched compared to those of a normal meal. Scientific effectiveness is guaranteed by the R&D activity carried out in partnership with the University of Genoa .

Alongside these products, which represent its core business, the company offers breakfast services and water dispensing machines, as part of a European program to reduce the use of plastic.


We create natural foods to replace the pharmacological supplementation required by normal meals, which lack fundamental nutrients.


Improve the well-being and health of millions of people who today suffer from swallowing difficulties, helping them to rediscover the zest of life.


There's nothing more important than following a goal with passion . We strive to provide continuous innovation for the well-being people who suffer from dysphagia.

Benefit Corporation

Benefit corporations pursue positive effects on people, communities and the environment in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way.



  • We are a Benefit Corporation, our main goal is the well-being of people, not profit.
  • • Our products are unique on account of their high quality, our use of 100% natural ingredients and the extremely high levels of macro- and micro-nutrients they contain.
  • Certain and measurable results, through the introduction of a nutritional protocol.
  • Our R & amp; D division works in synergy with the most prestigious university centers on an international level.
  • We offer integrated services and complementary products to ensure customers enjoy a healthy daily diet.
  • Our commitment to the environment is an integral part of all of our products and services.

Our Team

Cristiano Benazzi

Managing Director

Antonio Romano

R&D Director

Matteo Oppi

Key Account Manager

Davide Soana

Chief Operating Officer

Beatrice Oppi

Legal & Public Relations

Matteo Taesi

Chief Financial Officer

Andrea Ferrari

Chief Marketing Officer

Daniele Aroldi

Sales Director B2B

For our stakeholders

Established in 2017 and transformed in 2020 into a Benefit Corporation. We care about people sharing values, missions and objectives.

Here you can find the collection of our public documents .

Read the first HARG Sustainability Report 2020

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