The perfect solution to fight malnutrition

Our investment in R&D has led to the creation of a nutritional protocol which combines a perfect mix of dietary, nutritional and texture-specific content in the product, ensuring that patients suffering from dysphagia receive adequate nutrition in the correct amounts.

Made using natural ingredients, our technology gives DysphaMeal the right density, viscosity, and consistency, leaving flavours, aromas and colours intact.


Malnutrition is the imbalance between food requirements and food intake which has an adverse effect on the structure and functioning of our body.

An intake of nutrients that is lower than the estimated average requirement is the necessary condition for determining the state of malnutrition.

Malnutrition should not be considered a serious problem only when symptoms appear, but should be prevented as far as possible.


  • Wound healing process is slowed down
  • Gut function is reduced
  • Muscle function is weakened
  • NSAID response is considerably altered
  • Immune system is weakened
  • Risk of infection is increased

The impact of malnutrition on health is negative, leading in particular to a slow recovery after illness, increased susceptibility to infections and a considerable decrease in life expectancy.

What is dysphagia?

Dysphagia is a dysfunction of the digestive system, consisting of a difficulty in swallowing and the inability to pass food and fluids properly down the upper digestive tract.

It often occurs as a consequence of other obstructive lesions or motor disorders, such as the presence of neoplasia or achalasia. 

It may affect only solid food, or also semi-liquid or liquid food, including water.

Specific problems

  • weight loss and a decrease in BMI
  • protein-energy deficiency
  • sarcopenia
  • reduction in immune response to infections
  • fragility
  • disease complications
  • reduction in quality of life and life expectancy


Innovative nutrition and hydration solutions developed in conjunction with the University of Genoa

Dysphameal is a unique and complete range of products for the nutrition and hydration of frail patients. Our products not only ensure the correct supply of nutrients for people with dysphagia of varying degrees of severity, but also help prevent the consequences of malnutrition.

What makes DysphaMeal unique?

In addition to the use of natural ingredients and the availability of a wide variety of dishes, our products have unique properties that are of paramount importance for those with chewing or swallowing difficulties.
  • Perfect consistency, according to the most widely recognised international standards
  • Enriched with nutrients, all dishes are balanced and we guarantee nutritional monitoring
  • Perfect texture: no lumps or residues
  • Bolus viscosity and cohesion
  • Volume suitable for frail patients with no appetite
  • Retains its properties over time: the product does not separate and retains its consistency even when stored in the refrigerator.