We have a project

A project for the sake of the world

What is the problem we want to solve?

The pollution caused by plastic bottles is a serious and very current problem.
Plastic bottles and caps rank as the third and fourth most collected types of trash on beaches in over 100 countries.

Awareness is growing: some cities, public parks, museums and universities have already banned the use of plastic bottles.
However, this is not enough, we need greater awareness and concrete actions by people and companies.


A simple bottle of water takes 450 years to completely degrade.


Worldwide, more than one million plastic bottles are sold every minute.


Advanced countries such as the United States can only recycle 30% of the plastic bottles thrown in the trash.

x 2000

To produce bottled water, energy consumptions is about 2000 times higher than that required for tap water.


We offer a special microfiltered water production system to replace the use of water packaged in plastic bottles or bottles.

The customer has an unlimited dispenser of still or sparkling water, at room temperature or fresh.

We can also provide special reusable, sanitizable and customizable bottles with brands and communication messages of your choice. Finally, we provide a platform with worldwide visibility, through which our customers can communicate the results achieved thanks to their commitment.

Why join the project?

  • Stop using plastic bottles
  • Stop using disposable plastic cups
  • Reduce the production of wastes related to the life cycle of plastic bottles
  • Reduce the use of packaging
  • Reduce the environmental cost of road transport
  • Reduce the energy consumption for refrigeration

And the results are accessible to everyone

Customers who join Footprint Water project have a great opportunity to do their part for the Earth and demonstrate it to their stakeholders.

We provide customers with an online platform that calculates:

  • the CO2 values not released into the atmosphere
  • the amount of plastic not thrown into the environment

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