HARG S.r.l (Healthy Aging Research Group) and Great Product Ventures, Inc. Announce a Strategic Partnership to Bring novel nutrition products for the elderly to the US market

Cambridge, MA, United States and Cremona, Italy, April 12th , 2022 /EIN Newswire/— 

Harg s.r.l.,Italian-scale up that creates natural food store place the pharmacological supplementation required by frail people nutrition, and Great Product, a venture development firm that stages Italian and European companies for successful funding and commercialization in the United States, announced a strategic partnership focused on commercializing HARG’s innovative product range in the North American market. This alliance allows HARG to bring natural ingredients and high nutritional value for the well- being and health of millions of American people who today suffer from swallowing difficulties, helping them to rediscover the zest of life. B.

Great Product is one of the most innovative venture development firms in the U.S. and Europe. Great Product has a unique business model to build, fund and grow European companies in North America. Great Product’s founder has worked with innovative startups in Europe for the past fifteen years and the firm is born out of an appreciation for European innovation and the need to couple that innovation with capital and huge commercial markets. Through its numerous affiliations and associations, Great Product gives companies immediate access to a large network of qualified investors, venture capital firms and Fortune 1000 companies. Great Product’s team is made up of proven entrepreneurs and experts in the critical areas of intellectual property, finance, US government regulations, business development, sales and marketing.

HARG is an Italian scale-up researching, developing and distributing dehydrated food preparations with modified textures particularly suitable for people with dysphagia of varying severity. Food is one of the greatest pleasures in life, but a lot of people cannot enjoy it due to dysphagia, a dysfunction of the digestive system consisting of the difficulty in swallowing. It often occurs in elderly people or as a consequence of other illnesses or obstructive/motor disorders, such as the presence of malignancies or achalasia. Dysphagia may cause weight loss and al ower BMI, protein and energy deficiency, sarcopenia, impaired immune responses, weakness, complications affecting pre-existing conditions, even a reduction in the quality of life and lower life expectancy. Compared to the competition, HARG meals guarantee enriched nutritional values using only natural ingredients and exceptional ease of preparation. Scientific effectiveness is guaranteed by the R&D activity carried out in partnership with the University of Genoa

Harg is excited to partner with Great Product and the team that Jonathan Ramaci has assembled” said Cristiano Benazzi, CEO of HARG.

Andrea Ferrari, Chief Marketing Officer, added, “There’s nothing more important than following a goal with passion. We strive to provide continuous innovation for the well-being people who suffer from dysphagia. We want to bring this revolutionary know-how to North-America and we have chosen Great Product to support us in this mission”. 

Jonathan Ramaci, Founder & CEO of Great Product, adds, “HARG is an outstanding company with an exceptional team. They have a unique nutrition’s product range, meant to dramatically enhance frail people well-being and quality of life. Mr. Ramaci further added that, “There has never been a better time for innovative European Companies to embrace the Great Product model as the U.S. market continues to experience geometric growth.”

About HARG s.r.l.

HARG was founded in 2017 in Piadena (Cremona) and specializes in innovative solutions for feeding individuals with swallowing difficulties, especially the elderly. HARG has obtained several national and international awards from business accelerators and has already opened subsidiaries in UK and Switzerland. Thanks to a partnership with the University of Genoa, HARG is positioning as a leader in the nutraceutical sector with extremely innovative solutions to fight malnutrition in the elderly and dysphagia patients.

Learn more at https://harg.it/

About Great Product Ventures, Inc.

Great Product Ventures (GP) is a venture development firm whose mission is to identify the top European Companies to fund and commercialize in North America. Great Product has assembled a partnership that wholly supports our portfolio companies and is comprised of subject matter experts in pharmaceuticals, medical technology, government relations, green energy, intellectual property, FDA regulations, finance, marketing and commercialization.
Great Product has offices in Cambridge, MA, Miami, FL, Rome, Italy, Milan, Italy and Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Learn more at www.greatproduct.com



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