Our beliefs are what make us unique

The core values that guide HARG

Our core values provide the guiding principles behind our day-to-day decisions and create a purposeful and stimulating environment in which to work.

It sounds simple, but  far too often companies allow themselves to be distracted by self-referential attitudes and the mere logic of profit-making, instead of focusing on the things that really matter and ensure sustainable growth.

The following core values define what is important to us.


We believe that the strength of our company lies above all in the knowledge, expertise and creativity of our team. Each team member is a source of new ideas that can give rise to better products, services and processes. We invest in staff empowerment, providing opportunities for growth and promoting mutual cooperation, thus aiming to create a stimulating and rewarding environment for the benefit of employees and contractors, but we also prioritise the human side and provide a better value proposition to our customers and partners.


Innovative research and development to promote health and nutritional well-being to help people, thereby improving their quality of life. To do this, we only provide safe and effective products and measure our results and actions by how well we are able to generate value, not only for shareholders, but above all for those who choose our products. That is why we are constantly investing in R&D, ensuring that our products meet high quality standards, while seeking out partners who share our vision and values.


Innovation starts with the determination to improve things or to do things differently. We encourage our employees to develop new ideas whatever their area of expertise and support the cross-cultural and cross-functional sharing of ideas. We are open to ideas that challenge conventional beliefs and can drive innovation. The only constant in life is change, and we firmly believe that to remain relevant we must constantly improve and try to anticipate the changing needs of our stakeholders.


Good health is not achievable if nutrition is inadequate. Not only that: we believe that malnutrition should not be considered a serious problem only when symptoms appear, but should be prevented as far as possible. In light of these beliefs, we constantly engage in prevention, awareness-raising and training activities in order to combat malnutrition and dysphagia.


We believe that people who are passionate about their work can change the world for the better: they love a challenge, possess a high level of energy, are proactive and pursue excellence, constantly growing both personally and professionally. We try to encourage our employees to develop, but at the same time we reward them for their achievements: we do not only focus on the ‘huge list’ of goals that still need to be achieved, but we regularly take a break to celebrate the milestones already achieved. We also promote moral integrity and professional ethics: what matters most is going to bed at night knowing that you have achieved something truly wonderful. This is how we want our employees to feel.